Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Community Engagement Calendar for the Silver Spring Civic Bldg & Veterans Plaza

Please review our EXPERIMENTAL "Community Engagement Calendar" found HERE.

It intends to identify events going on at the Silver Spring and Veterans Plaza that are more than just 'events'... That is, these are "convenings with a purpose". These are events that intentionally bring the community together for a greater purpose... It is at these convenings that people run across each other by change and happenstance; to plan and reminis; to connect and network as we continue building our community.

{Note: This calendar does NOT include the many private events that have taken place - and are planned - in the facility. These also serve to 'engage community'; i.e.: weddings, parties, and such.}

As we round the corner and begin the last three months of our first year at the Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza, we can be rightfully proud of all the wonderful 'happenings' that this facility has hosted. To name a few would run the risk of leaving many other out, so I will not...

In "Year Two", we'll continue approaching this facility's mission of "sparking economic activity and community engagement" with the same zeal that is making "Year One" so successful. Additionally, we'll be much more intentional on "connecting the dots" and facilitating and coordinating the easy connections that can add value when the sponsors of one event meet sponsors of other events; or when cross-marketing happens.

The many events held at the Silver Spring and Veterans Plaza are not "ends unto themselves"; but rather milestone in a process. Many of these are "events with a purpose"; events that provide the spark for further community engagement.

Will you join us?

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