Thursday, January 28, 2010

List of List for All Things Silver Spring

To paraphrase Tina Turner: "Now that we've found information, what are we going to do with it?"

There is so much information out there on every topic, including Silver Spring... So, how do we manage it? How do we catalog it? What is important? What is superfluous?

One person's key source of information can be totally TMI for someone else... What is 'cool info' to someone can be 'a waste of time' for someone else.

Obviously, there's nothing like going to Google - or Bing - to get instant gratification for your info-fix. (Last night my uncle called and he was all upset because he could not remember the fourth Monopoly railroad. I did not have the heart to tell him neither could I. So I Googled it while we talked - and no, I never told him the source of my information. He just thought I was smarter than him!) However, a simple Google search can oftentimes leave you feeling overwhelmed - where is the priority? What is important? What is not?

So, where do you go for information on Silver Spring? Or to find out what is happening? Or to know what is going on?... What links do you send your long lost friend when she asks 'what is that silver springs place you live at like?'

Any attempt at creating a "list of lists" is plagued by the perception and bias of its creator. It is a risky proposition to suggest that a "List of Lists" for "All Things Silver Spring" can really exist... But, hey, you can't let the perfect get in the way of the good... So here's my list:
Any additions? Subtractions? Corrections? Chime in!


IamKusum said...

Hi Reemberto,

Thanks for sharing! Its a great list.


tony hausner said...

Indian spring citizens association web site is, many other civics have web sites as well. I know soeca does. Might also want to list organizations such as prezco and safe silver spring. Thanks for putting the list together.

Anonymous said...

How about adding Buy Local SS info and County Council info.

Thanks for pulling this together

WashingtonGardener said...

I go to most all those links too - esp Voice, Gazette and the local blogs, but most al my day-today info is from the local neighborhood lists (mainly on yahoo groups). How about a listing and links to those? I'm "on the border" of East SS, South SS, North TP, and Shepherd Park DC so am on those 4.

PS One new-ish local blog you missed is and one humorours one out of Kensington is

WashingtonGardener said...

Correction to my post, the blog address is

Also there is the Silver Bee blog -

You should add "inactive" to SS Penguin

Reemberto Rodriguez, Sr. said...

GRACIAS for the comments! We've added the blogs suggested - thanks WashingtonGardener!... We've started a list of web links to Civics - thanks Tony!... And, to the Anonymous comment: Good idea re Buy Local SS - will do pronto; thanks!

Unknown said...

Reemberto, Great list of links! Mid-County Sue

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