Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fenton Street Market - a Place Where Community Happens

Fenton Street Market - a Place Where Community Happens

Fenton Street Market is open for business!

Every Saturday through October, 9am -3pm - rain or shine.

Corner of Fenton Street & Silver Spring Ave.

Have you been by?... The Fenton Street Market is truly a gem in our community. Art, craft, and more… Right here in our mist; down the street from many of us; within a couple of miles of everyone in Silver Spring…

This is just not only a neat place to shop; yet another eclectic cool place in Silver Spring… There’s lots written about how we can help grow our own economy by supporting markets like this. We intutitivel know that local markets are part of a community’s vibrant economy. They provide an outlet for entrepreneurs as well as unique and different products found nowhere else.

But, have you ever thought about this Market as a place where community happens?

Historically, it is in the market place that people meet, congregate, and yes, enter into that lost art of ‘conversation’…

So, come hang out; see who else stopped by; spark a conversation… And, who knows? Maybe you’ll decide to walk up to Downtown after wards; or make it your meeting place after visiting the Farmers Market; or drop off your car at one of the Sligo Ave. repair shops and stop by for some eats; or make the Market your pit-stop as you read the new Historical Markers on Georgia Avenue…

If you have folks visiting from out of town, bring them by; they’ll be pleasantly pleased… If you get tired of planting those flowers, come by; you may be surprised.

This Saturday (April 24th) in particular provides a wonderful opportunity to stop by the Fenton Street Market as part of your ‘Saturday in Silver Spring’.

- Our downtown streets will be buzzing with the Amnesty International Human Rights Art Festival… Make a stop by the Market part of your visit!

- Long Branch will be having an Earth Day clean-up… Come by the Market afterwards to refresh and reconnect.

See you there!

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