Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Silver Spring - A Poem

I found this poem framed on my wall when I moved into my office 10 months ago… I re-read it last night after attending one of the countless contentious collaborative and conflicting meetings held at the Silver Spring Regional Center… It resonated with me… Maybe it will with you…

Do you know Marvin? Is he still around? If so, please ask him to contact us... We’d like to reconnect.


By Marvin N. Clark
Silver Spring Resident

More than buildings, blinking traffic signals
and concrete sidewalks;

You are the icing on the cake teeming with
human potential.

You are neighborhoods and environs
working on promoting the common good.

there are many varied visions of your greatness:

Some see you as the hub in the big wheel of
commercial activity;

Some see you as a cosmopolitan ocean filled
with diverse cultures and backgrounds;

Some see you as the bridge that connects
the future and the past;

Some see you as a large portal that opens
the way for revitalization and regeneration.

Silver Spring, you are the anchor that
neighbors cling fast to for stability.

You are the linchpin connecting collective,
social experience.

In essence, you are more than words printed
on a map or brochure.

You are the common thread that binds and
seams individuals together.

You transform the one into the many.

You are attitude. You are shared awareness.

You are the sum total of human endeavor.

You are a community, growing its own persona
and unique character.

Silver Spring, you are loved;

And you are the place many love to call home.

Marvin N. Clark
Silver Spring Resident

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Jessica Fusillo said...

Reemberto - what a wonderful tribute to our community. It's important that we remember this as we gather and grow with our community of individuals!

Jessica Fusillo
North Woodside

fedrick robinson said...

yes that is the silver spring i love and is a part of, thanks Reemberto

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