Monday, December 13, 2010

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! – A Call to Participate Virtually and In Person

As we wrap up the year, this is our 46th blog posting… Not bad – almost one a week! (Indeed, that is our goal for next year.)

I hope you’ve found this Blog useful to you, along with all our other virtual – and real world – opportunities to chime in and join our community conversations, discussions, and dialogues.

Please remember that your Silver Spring Regional Center welcomes your participation in the various traditional civic engagement venues, including the regularly scheduled meetings of the Citizens Advisory Board and its corresponding committees (Transportation and Pedestrian Safety, Commercial and Economic Development, and Neighborhoods.) Other than the SSCAB, there are two other relevant Advisory Groups appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. These are the Urban District Advisory Committee and the Transportation Management Advisory Committee. Additionally, there is the Arts & Entertainment Advisory Committee, appointed by the County Executive… If you are reading this Blog, you probably get the e-blasts that announce the meeting for these Advisory Groups. (If you don’t and would like to, please e-mail and ask her to add you to the list.)

Beyond these opportunities to come participate in person, there’s also our charge to ‘stay informed’ and provide additional input in the ‘virtual’ world… Towards that end, various of the Blog postings this past year have tried to bring together information on ‘where to go for answers’ regarding “All Things Silver Spring.”

Some of these blog postings really merit being on our ‘desktop’ – and smart phones… Key among them are:

List of Web Links

List of Blogs

See Click Fix Posting

Call for Pictures for the Civic Building Welcome Desk Monitor

Description of the Budget Process (as part of a meeting notice back in Oct 2010)

What to do about graffiti when you see it

List of Common Values (our first blog posting)

I encourage you to revisit these posting, leave a comment, start a conversation – and make sure you have them on your desktop for future reference.

And, if you have not done so already, please hit the ‘follower’ button to the left on this blog so you can become a ‘follower’ and get the notices of future postings.

See you around Silver Spring in 2011 – either in person or virtually!

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