Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Montgomery Co. as "Majority Minority" - So What (for Silver Spring)?

A recent Washington Post article broke the news of what many already intuitively knew: Montgomery County’s population is now “majority minority”. That is, the population of non-Hispanic Whites is officially less than 50% of the total population. (Another – probably more startling - statistic in the article is that less than 50% of the school age population in the State is non-Hispanic White.)

So what? What does this mean? How will this news impact the work we do in our neighborhoods and communities in Silver Spring?

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Please take the time to (re)read the article – and browse through its wonderful interactive maps. As the maps show, there are peculiarities to the Silver Spring Regional Center area – that area south of the Beltway (including Four Corners), north of DC, east of Rock Creek, and west of Prince George County… For example:

[1] If you look at the ‘block-level’ statistics, it is amazing the ‘diversity’ from one block-level to the next. … That is, one block-level area with 55% Black population may be next to a block-level area with 80% White population.

[2] The concentration patterns are as expected: Long Branch is most Hispanic; the single family neighborhoods to the north, west and north-east of downtown are most White.

[3] There are quite a few block-level areas that have surprisingly high Black percentages… But, this may be a quirk of the Census whereas all people of African heritage may be lumped together.

There are many other observations that could be made… What else do YOU see in these maps and related articles?

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