Friday, May 20, 2011

Beyond Volunteering: Engaging our community in our backyard, down the street, and in the marketplace

“Beyond Volunteering: Engaging our community in our backyard, down the street, and in the marketplace”
A Conversation with Reemberto Rodríguez, Director
Montgomery County’s Silver Spring Regional Center
Saturday, May 28th at Noon
Fenton Street Market Community Roundtable
Veterans Plaza – in front of the Civic Building, downtown Silver Spring

If you live, work, shop, dine, play or pray in Silver Spring’s Regional Center Area*, you are invited to join in a conversation with Reemberto Rodríguez, Director of Montgomery County’s Silver Spring Regional Center.

(*The Center’s area is all of Silver Spring south of the Beltway; west of Prince George County; east of Rock Creek Park. The area also includes Four Corners, north of the Beltway.)

The focus of the conversation will be how we can maximize opportunities for personal, community, professional, and institutional efforts to continue building a stronger community. We’ll be exploring how to go beyond traditional volunteerism and engage our community in a more worthwhile, practical way.

Silver Spring is blessed with incredibly active and vibrant choices for civic involvement. The Regional Center, as a key County conduit to the community, is an integral part of the fabric that brings people together for dialogue and action. We are directly and intensely involved in issues that affect our daily lives today; policy discussions for tomorrow; and everything in-between.

The Silver Spring Regional Center is seeking committed volunteers to work with us in various capacities starting July 1st. Opportunities abound. If you are passionate about “doing community”, want to know more about what is going on, and/or are simply intrigued by this idea, come join the conversation!

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gridlocksmith (Earl Shoop) said...

This may be way out of the ballpark, so far as what most people think of as "volunteering."

I want folks to volunteer - where ever and when ever they find themselves engaged in traffic (whether as pedestrians, bicyclists or motorists)- to promote the spirit of "World Peace." Nothing heroic is required; simple thoughtfulness and courtesy will be a good start. Exercising our forgiveness muscles will go a long way in the fight against "Road Rage" contagion. Setting the safe example, leaving space at intersections and driveways will expedite traffic and reduce stress.

For more ideas, and to join the discussion, see my site. If family obligations permit, I will see you Saturday.

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