Friday, July 1, 2011

Top Ten Acomplishments of the Silver Spring Regional Center for FY11


Welcome to FY12!

As we reflect on In FY11 (July 1, 2010 through yesterday, June 30, 2011) it is clear that the Silver Spring Regional Center saw many changes, including moving its operations to the Civic Building and downsizing staff due to budget constraints - without compromising our core mission.

We proud to say that in the mist of all these changes, we had plenty of 'success stories'... Our "Top Ten" accomplishments included:

Working with our Citizens Advisory Board's Neighborhood Committee innovatively connected to neighborhoods not recently active with the Board (Lyttonsville, Long Branch, and Four Corners) by doing neighborhood walks and forums.

Working with the Arts & Entertainment District Advisory Committee developed recommended protocols for the Fillmore's 30 discounted community uses.

Strengthened collaborative efforts with major private sector partners, including Peterson Co and Discovery Communications.

Worked with the development community, the Urban District Committee and residents to gain constructive input for various projects, including the Fillmore, and various other major developments throughout Silver Spring.

In collaboration with other RSCs, began working closer with the apartment owner community; and, worked with others to initiate the Silver Spring Village and Silver Spring Green efforts.

In collaboration with the Department of Corrections initiated the "Weekender Program", where teams of offenders help us keep downtown Silver Spring clean.

The Weed & Seed Program (in Northwest Park)- while winding down after 5 years of operations - provided $30K to fund police overtime; did a juvenile reentry program and a gang prevention program; and participated in countless events such as Community Service Day and Earth Day by cleaning up Broad Acres Park.

Supported the efforts of the Commercial and Economic Development Committee of the Citizens Advisory Board to highlight the assets of the growing cluster of restaurants in "Fenton Village" (south of the downtown core) by holding the first "Taste the World in Fenton Village" event.

The Urban District's Clean and Safe Team (the "Red Shirts") managed to maintain a high quality level of service even when demand increased as more development comes into downtown Silver Spring.

Successfully managed the Civic Building and Veterans Plaza for the first year of operation, balancing its mission to spark community engagement and spark economic activity while being fiscally responsible. The facility’s income exceeded expectations; and its many activities were extremely successful. Some key examples: We introduced the ice rink during winter months; brought into the facility the traditional Jazz Festival, Swing Summer Concert Series, and Thanksgiving Parade; as well as over 25 new ‘no cost’ performances, conversations, and game nights; coordinated, facilitated and/or sponsored an array of festivals and special events, including the Fenton Street Market. All of this was accomplished while simultaneously negotiating a series of complex internal and external issues, agreement, and MOUs.

...if you have others to contribute - or if you'd like to expand on some of the above, please let us know!

See you in FY12, beginning TODAY, July 1, 2011!

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director
Silver Spring Regional Center

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