Sunday, September 25, 2011

Deliberate Democracy Consortium Latest Links

Those that read this blog regularly know that I occasionally (re) post edited versions of what I get from Deliberative Democracy Consortium. While these posting are certainly not for everyone – and can be a bit academic – some folks have shared with me that they appreciate getting them… So, here’s DDC’s most recent (edited) list of worthy news in the field:

[1] You can find DDC on Facebook at:

[2] President Obama made a major speech last week describing the US commitments to public participation and transparency as part of the Open Government Partnership - the speech can be viewed at

[3] New Oxford Handbook on Civil Society has contributions from Peter Levine, John Gaventa, Harry Boyte, Mark Warren, Theda Skocpol, Nina Eliasoph, and many others -

[4] Participatory Budgeting Launches in NYC: Councilmembers and Community Allies (in NYC) Announce Groundbreaking, Democratic Budgeting Initiative – join their Google group at

[5] The Alberta Climate Dialogue (ABCD) has been working with the City of Edmonton on an innovative public involvement project on sustainability -

[6] 'Citizenship and Governance in a Wild Wired World' summarizes the current state of participatory practice at the local level, makes the argument that we need to be thinking about engagement infrastructure, not just temporary tools -

[7] Jim Snider makes some excellent suggestions for how communities can support 'blended meetings' that include online and face-to-face elements -

[8] Meaningful participation vs. all-night public hearing: Toronto MP Carolyn Bennett eloquently describes the differences

[9] Bill Barnes at the National League of Cities explores how cities are dealing with challenges of immigrant integration -

[10] New report shows that civic engagement is a stronger factor in reducing unemployment than many traditional economic variables -

[11] Comments, reflections and results from "Frontiers of Democracy" conference now up at Includes poll on top insights, link to conference video, and other resources

[12] In the latest LogoLink newsletter, discussion about the line between false participation and sharing power meaningfully with citizens.

[13] Common Ground News Service looking to expand their roster of authors who can write on race relations in the US - see - small honorarium available for each piece.

[14] The most complete look yet at whether/how the Obama Administration is boosting participation through Open Government:

[15] Philadelphia city councilwoman on why public engagement isn't just a 'feel-good' exercise:

[16] Rude Democracy: Civility and Incivility in American Politics - by Susan Herbst, new pres of UConn

[17] Portsmouth Listens will receive the 2011 Sarah Farmer Peace Award.

…hope you enjoy these!... And, don’t forget: If you have not done so already, please follow this blog (by clicking on the icon on the upper left, above the pictures) so you will get postings automatically…

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