Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walking and Biking Around Silver Spring - Dialogues, Conversations, & Ride Alongs

It is as if this month was “walking, pedestrian, and biking month”! If this is a topic of interest for you, you will definitively want to mark your calendar for the amazing array of opportunities coming up to get involved, make an impact, and learn more about how we get around (safely!) in Silver Spring other than in cars.

Walkability Dialogue!

Starting this evening, we’ll have a dialogue on the ‘walkability’ of Silver Spring. Various folks that have invested a lot of time in this issue will be facilitating a conversation to highlight how ‘walkable’ Silver Spring is; and is not. Please stop by the Civic Building at 7pm tonight (Tuesday, October 11th) and join us. For the flier, see:
And, for a past blog posting on this issue, visit:

“Complete Street” Conversation!

Next week (on Thursday, October 20th) the Planning folks are bringing in an expert on a related subject matter (“Complete Streets”) for one of their highly successful Speaker Series events. The event will be at their headquarters. (Free!) For more info, visit the link at:

PTSAC comes to Silver Spring!

And, on November 3rd the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board is hosting the Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (PTSAC) meeting. (This gathering will also be the official meeting of the SSCAB’s Pedestrian Safety and Transportation Committee.) The County’s PTSAC has been instrumental in improving the opportunities of pedestrians to walk around all of Montgomery County. In Silver Spring in particular, they have worked in the three “High Incident Areas” of note: Piney Branch and University Avenue; the Four Corners commercial area; and Georgia Avenue in downtown. Come join us as the Committee engages community members in a critical dialogue of how to make Silver Spring safer for pedestrians. The meeting will be held at the Civic Building at 7pm.

I hope you will take advantage of one – or all – of these wonderful opportunities to make a difference in how we can feel – and be! – safer as we walk and bike around Silver Spring.

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director
Silver Spring Regional Center

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