Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How do YOU keep up with all that is going on in Silver Spring?


How do YOU keep up with all that is going on in Silver Spring?

Each of us have our own personal methodology that works (or not!) for us. Obviously, the answer to this question depends of what is of interest to you. If we care about the weather, we go to one place; if we care about baseball, we go to another.

But, to narrow the conversation: How do YOU keep up with the civic/community life in the Silver Spring Regional Area (generally south of the Beltway, plus Four Corners)?

Well, we hope that this occasional (if irregular) e-blast helps to some degree in wading through the maze of opportunities for us to connect with our community in a way that is meaningful to us - whatever that might be.

Clearly, our e-blast focuses more on the traditional options for engaging in civic life. Though we attempt to broaden it to opportunities that might not be as traditionally considered 'civic engagement'; i.e.: attending festivals, enjoying the arts, going to see local performers, and even participating in sports. These too are meaningful - if not traditional - community engagement opportunities.

Another practical way of finding out what is going on is to check out the various blogs, web-sites, and even FaceBook pages that serve our community. (Hmmm… is anyone out there tweeting about Silver Spring?!?) Some of the regular readers of this e-blast may remember that a year ago we started a "List of Lists" that provides links to what we know is out there in the 'virtual world' that relates to the Silver Spring Regional Area. We are trying to maintain that list 'catch as catch might' - and we need your help!... Please visit our blog posting for this "List of Lists" and help us keep it as current as possible by leaving comments on the particular posts for new links, those that no longer exists, etc...
Hopefully, together we can improve this 'one stop virtual porch' and make it more useful as we try to keep up with all the wonderful civic and community engagement 'happenings' in the Silver Spring Regional Area!

Thanks for your help with this,

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director
Silver Spring Regional Area

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