Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What's Happening? (in the Silver Spring Regional Area)

What is going on in Silver Spring? How do we share with others all that is happening? Where can I grab a bite to eat in downtown? Where are the Facebook pages, blogs, etc.? While there may not be a single ‘site’ or place that can answer all these questions, hopefully the links below can help muddle through the vast universe of information out there… Check them out and let us know how to improve them:

[1] Do you have a friend that just moved to Silver Spring? Would you like to know more about “what is going on”? Or, are you planning for that August “stay-cation”? Then you may want to visit our blog posting tailored to those ‘new to Silver Spring’… It can be found HERE.

[2] Is your group, non-profit, business, or institution doing something that is “open to the public and welcoming of all”? Are you planning an event, a meeting, a dialogue, or a community get-together that you want to “tell the world about”? Where do you start? How do you get the word out? Well, there’s a ‘blog posting’ for that as well – not an app though (at least not yet!)  It includes a short list of contacts that welcome listing what you are doing… It can be found HERE.

[3] Are you getting our exciting, informative, and full of useful tid-bits e-mails (via “MailChimp”)?  If not, then you want to sign up to receive these e-blasts… Just go HERE.  

[4] So, where exactly can we find a list of Facebook pages, blogs, and web-sites that are focused exclusively on Silver Spring? Well, the single ‘point of entry’ may not yet exist. But in the meantime, you may want to visit a somewhat imperfect (and definitively incomplete) list that we began a while back… While not ready for prime-time, it might be a start*.  (*Please do help us improve it by leaving your comments on what is missing, broken or outdated links, etc.)… The “list of lists” can be found HERE.

[5] While our Regional Area encompasses all of Silver Spring south of the Beltway (and Four Corners), we also work closely with “all things downtown”.  If you have not checked out the mobile version of our downtown web-site, you may want to do so and add it to your mobile device. The site focuses on our wonderful arts, entertainment, and culinary experiences in our downtown area (from the College up to Spring Street, including all the great restaurants on Georgia Avenue, the entertainment venues on Colessville, the living opportunities and retail on East/West Highway, the fun on Ellsworth, and the growing number of establishments on Fenton.)… The site is:

[6] Finally: Are you ready for our Tweets? We’ve taken the plunge and have begun Tweetting about our work in the Silver Spring Regional Area… Find us at @Reemberto  

c/u around Silver Spring,

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director
Silver Spring Regional Center

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