Wednesday, March 6, 2013


A recent article in the Washington Post has sparked quite a bit of conversation about our Area's appeal to young adults... Here's a short - and very incomplete! - list of venues and happenings that some have suggested do have that appeal:

- The Fillmore

- Pyramid Atlantic's Sonic Sound performances

- Gandhi Brigade Voices on the Plaza

- Gathering watering holes, some with music (Jackie's, Sidebar, the Quarry House, Society, McGinty's and others)

- Urban Nation's Offerings & Programming

- Occasional offerings at the College's Cultural Art Center. Takoma Park's Community Center, and AFI; and SSTCi

- Occasional theatre performances by Forum, Happenstance, Lumina, Round House and others

- The presence of Cuneiform Recording / Production Studio, and Radio One

- At least 5 Ethiopian restaurants with music

- At least one 'underground jazz club'

As stated above, this is a VERY incomplete list!... Know of others? Suggest away! Leave a post below and/or e-Mail HERE

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