Sunday, May 11, 2014


(We are updated our web-site to make sure these businesses are all listed... But in the meantime, here's the list.)


AAMCO Transmissions
8129 Georgia Avenue
AK Motors
947 Selim Rd
ATT Towing
8115 Fenton St
Auto Shoppe
912 Philadelphia Ave.
Banner Glass
7900 Fenton St.
Bargain Rent a Car
904 Silver Spring Ave.
Beacon Auto Body
8111 Mayor Lane
Beahm's Auto Service
944 Sligo Ave.
Benjamin's Autobody
943 Sleim Rd
Bob's Toyota Repair
938 Sligo Avenue
Citi Cars
808 Burlington ave
CJ Foreign Car
932 Sligo Ave
CRG Autobody & Repair
936 Sligo Ave
Drive Towing
908 Philadephia Ave
Eddies Auto body
936 Philadelphia Ave.
Enterprise Car Rental
8208 Georgia Ave.
8301 Fenton St.
Far East Motors
963 Selim Rd
Fenton Citgo
8333 Fenton St.
G&S Automotive
924 Sligo Ave
Hanagan's Auto Service Center
937 Selim Rd
Hertz Car Rental
8203 Georgia Ave.
J Y Auto Svc
903 Selim Road
King Street Collision
809 King St.
Latino Auto Tech
919 Gist Ave
LG Autobody
936 Philadelphia Ave.
M&D Auto Body & Services
920,926 Sligo Ave
Marcello's Automotive
919 Gist Ave
Meineke Car Care Ctr
8220 Georgia Ave.
Murray's Auto Clinic
999 Philadelphia Ave
Pan American Motors
8400 Fenton St.
Prestige Auto Body, Inc
928 Philadelphia Ave
Pro Auto Repair Svc
8240 Fenton St.
Rossi's Automotive Svc
903 Selim Road
Satellite Motors
8109 Mayor's Lane
Sligo Motors Inc.
934 Sligo Ave
Superior Transmissions
928 Sligo Ave
Takoma Old Town Auto Svc Center
915 Thayer Ave
TNT Auto Parts, Inc.
950 Sligo Ave.
Vilma Auto body Repair
949 Selim Road

Premier Bank
Georgia ave
Best Pawn
8217 Georgia Ave.
Capital One Bank
8315 Georgia Ave
Checks Cashed Best
8107 Fenton St.
Kwik Kash
Georgia Ave

Pirates Tavern
8402 Georgia Ave.
Quarry House Tavern
8401 Georgia Ave.
8081 Georgia Ave.
Beauty Salons

Afrikutz Inc
8217 Georgia Avenue
All Star Barbers
920 Gist Ave

Claudia's Hair Salon
8126 Georgia Ave.
Crown Wigs
8233 Georgia Avenue
Cyncole's Beauty Salon
937 Bonifant St
Danny's Hair Salon
959 Bonifant St.
Ebony Barbers Unisex Inc
936 Bonifant St
Gentlemen of Distinction
8429 Georgia Ave
Headliners Barber Unisex
946 Wayne Ave
Helen's Nails
903 Silver Spring Ave
Hair Care Unisex
903 Silver Spring Ave
Ivania Hair Salon
8315 Fenton St
Jaha Hair Studio
941 Bonifant St
Johanna Hair Salon
8419 Georgia Ave.
Julies Salon
8125 Georgia Ave.
Lalia Braids & Beauty
8225 Georgia Ave.
Luisa Hair Salon
934 Bonifant
Martin's Hair Salon
8207 Fenton St
Millennium Salon
920 Gist Ave
Nancy Nails
951 Bonifant St.
Noire Salon
8225 Georgia Ave
Orchid Nails
8423 Georgia Ave.
Pam's Nails
910 Thayer Ave.
Perla Hair Salon
8433 Georgia Ave.
Perfect Cuts
8429 Georgia Ave
Salon 8227
8227 Georgia ave.
Sashelvis Hair salon
938Wayne ave
Shalom Easy Salon
8911 Georgia Ave.
Shelton's Hair Salon
910 Gist Ave
Spa Mesu
8215 Fenton St
Urban Nature
937 Bonifant St

Fenton Café/Crepes
8311 Fenton Street
Kefa Café
963 Bonifant Street
918 Silver Spring Ave.
8225 Georgia Ave.
Zeke's Hookah Lounge
960 Thayer Ave.
Computer/Media/Web Publishing

Blue Sky Films
8215 Fenton St
Ducom Inc.
850 Sligo Avenue
Fleming Aod, Inc.
816 Thayer Ave,

Capital Akikikai Akido
923 Sligo Ave.
Martial Arts Academy
949 Bonifant St.
Princess Mhoon Dance Institute
923 Philadelphia Ave.
Urban Nation Dance Academy
8113 Fenton St.
Universal Martial Arts Center
8120 Georgia Ave.
Dry Cleaners/Alterations

Sisay Custom Tailoring
8209 Fenton St.
Tailoring and Alteration Ctr
8305 Fenton St.
Tropicana Laundromat
8010 Fenton St
Weller's Dry Cleaners
8237 Fenton St.
Food Shops

Addisu Gebega International Market
8107 Fenton Street
Arat Kilo Mart
818 Easley Street
Ecology Health Food
904 Bonifant Street
Convenience Express
948 Wayne Ave.
8101 Fenton Street
909 Thayer Ave.
Silver Spring Mart
8211 Fenton St.
Thai Market
902 Thayer Ave.
The Nutritional Spot
961 Bonifant st.
Velati's Caramels
8408 Georgia Ave.
Wesenyelesh International Market
901 Silver Spring Ave.

Dale Music
8240 Gerogia Avenue
CD/Game Exchange
8236 Georgia Avenue
Joe's Record Place
8216 Georgia Avenue
Imperial Framing
943 Bonifant Street
Plaza Arts
8201 Georgia Av.
Pyramid Atlantic
8230 Georgia Ave.
Radio Shack
8213 Georgia avenue
Roadhouse Oldies
914 Silver Spring Ave
Silver Spring Books
938 Bonifant St
Non Profit/Educational

B&O Station
8100 Georgia Ave.
Cissel Saxon AL Post #41
905 Sligo Ave.
Create Art Center
816 Thayer Ave,
Crittenton Services
815 Silver Spring Ave.
The Highwood Theater
914 Silver Spring Ave.
Meditation Museum
8236 Georgia Ave.
Nora School
955 Sligo avenue
Quality Time Early Learning
8101 Georgia avenue

Ashton Rehab
926 Wayne Ave.
Ambassador Animal Hospital
811 Sligo Ave.
Benbasset Sporidas Co. Engineers
905 Silver Spring Ave.
Gran Design
912 Thayer Avenue
Ghion Tax Services
911 Silver Spring Avenue
Jolly Anaba Legal Services
8209 Fenton St.
Maryland Dental Service
8120 Fenton St.
Tana Travel
8207 Georgia Avenue
S.T. Kim & Co. Accountants
910 Silver Spring Ave.
Rapp Funeral Service
933 Gist Ave.
Rubin & Rubin
8404 Georgia Avenue

Abyssinia Restaurant
8221 Georgia Ave
Addis Ababa Restaurant
8233 Fenton St.
Bombay Gaylord
8401 Georgia Ave.
Big Greek Café
8223 Georgia Ave.
Conveninece Express
948 Wayne Avenue
Charm Thai
8408 Georgia Ave.
Dragon city Restaurant
918 Sligp Ave
Fire station #1 Restaurant
8131 Georgia Ave
Gebeta Ethiopian Restaurant
8123 Georgia Ave.
944 Wayne Ave
Golden House
8200 Georgia Ave.
The Greek Place
8417 Georgia Ave
Jackie's Restaurant
8081 Georgia Ave.
La Bamba Restaurant
8241 Georgia Ave.
La Madeliene
8435 Georgia Ave.
8305 Georgia Ave
Lesaac Café
8200 Fenton St.
Lotus Café
8077 Georgia Ave
Lucy's Ethiopian
8301 Georgia Ave
Mandalay Restaurant
930 Bonifant St.
Mandarin Restaurant
8411 Georgia Ave.
Manny & Olga's Pizza
8107 Fenton St.
Negril Eatery
971 Thayer Ave
Odalis Restaurant
8251 Gergia Ave
8235 Georgia Ave
Pacci's Pizzeria
8113 Georgia Ave
Pete's New Haven Apizza
926 Wayne ave.
Quarry House Tavern
8401 Georgia Ave
Roger Miller Restaurant
941 Bonifant St.
Taqueria Del Federal
930 Wayne Ave
Thai Derm Restaurant
939 Bonifant St.
Thai Market
902 Thayer Ave
Urban Butcher
8226 Georgia Ave.
Services & Repairs

Arina's Shoe and Leather Repair
8207 Fenton St.
Danco Electronic Service Specialist
929 Gist Ave.
Dog Stay
8122 Georgia ave.
8100 Fenton
Innovative Business Interiors
914 Silver Spring Ave
Moren Watch Repair
8241 Georgia Ave.
Regal Paint
8211 Georgia Avenue
Sure Fit Security
8213 Fenton St
Techxel Computer Repairs
8209 Fenton St.
Travelco International
914 Silver Spring Ave
850 Sligo Ave.
850 Sligo Ave.
W&W Electric
912 Gist Ave.
Specialty Shops

Alliance Comics
8317 Fenton St
Ambrotos Tattoo
940 Bonifant St.
Atlantic Guns
944 Bonifant St
Checks Cashed Best
8107 Fenton St.
Bonanza Coins
940 Wayne Ave.
Dor Ne Corset Shop
8126 Georgia Avenue
Family First Therapy
816 thayer Ave.
Fleming Aod Inc
816 thayer Avenue
938 Wayne ave.
House of Cards
900 Silver Spring Ave
Martinez Jewelry
957 Bonifant St.
Mattress Warehouse
8204 Georgia Ave.
8127 Georgia Avenue
Pennyworth Shop
955 Bonifant St
Psychic Reading
8425 Georgia Ave.
Studio Spark
912 Thayer Ave3
Sure Fit Security
8213 Fenton St
Xotic Tobacco
8113 Fenton st.


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I live in 930 Wayne Ave, and the Taqueria Del Federal at that address is closed. Thank you for your work keeping this updated!

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