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Hopefully by now you've checked out our new site. If you have not, give it a try. Let us know if it works for you. Let us know if you find something wrong, incomplete or missing. 

Please note that our downtown site is exclusively for the Silver Spring Arts & Entertainment District "geography" - which is pretty much the same as the Silver Spring Urban District, more commonly known as 'downtown'. (That area from Montgomery College in the south end to Spring Street on the north. The area includes Fenton Village, the Ripley District, South Silver Spring, Ellsworth Drive, and the Civic Building and Veterans Plaza. It is transversed by Georgia Avenue, Colesville, and E/W Hwy. ) Our public commitment for the site is to list every enterprise that has a door opening to the sidewalk; i.e.: the site is not a directory of all businesses downtown - it is a directory of all restaurants, theaters, entertainment venues, and shopping.

The site also offers a highly interactive 'events' listing for art & entertainment related activities. We also list certain civic participation opportunities, as these add value to building a more robust and thriving community.While we have 'populated' the events database with some events, moving forward it will be the responsibility of the organizing group to suggest the event via the link provided on the site. (Please bear with us as we transition and grow the site. In the meantime you may find some duplicate listings.)

We are fully aware that no one site can be totally comprehensive - and that is not our intent. That is why we encourage you to visit the many other excellent directories and calendars that exist for the downtown - and nearby - areas. (See the many links on the (growing!) list on the sidebar on the left of this e-mail "TODO CALENDARS" and "DIRECTORIES".)

The site is administered by the Silver Spring Regional Center, which encompasses a much broader area. The Regional Area is one of five Regional Areas in the County. The Silver Spring Regional Area includes all neighborhoods and communities south of the Beltway (plus we do include Four Corners and Blair H.S.); east of Rock Creek Parkway; west of Prince George's County; and north of the D.C. line, including Takoma Park. This newsletter you are now reading serves that area. We will continue listing sample happening and news-u-can-share here. We try to get these newsletters out at least once a week - but no more than twice a week. We hope you find them useful.

Enjoy our new site for Silver Spring's downtown - and stay connected!

See you around Silver Spring,

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director
Silver Spring Regional Area

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