Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our County Web Site: You May Be Surprised At What You'll Find There!

Have you visited your County web-site recently:

The site is well laid out and easy to navigate.

Among its many ‘not-so-hidden’ jewels are all the press releases from our Office of Public information.

A great example of something specifically relevant to Silver Spring is the announcement of the “Taste of Fenton Village” set for May 15th:

A cool hidden gem is the “Know Your County” guide. While we now have MC311 for immediate response, it is interesting to see – and understand – the layout of all County functions. Viewing it on-line also facilitates ‘searching’ for a key word (with your browser’s tools).

Or you can go to the services on-line list found at:

You can follow our County Council business at:
(Note that from there you can watch Council Sessions – and even visit the YouTube Channel.)

You will also find valuable links to informative Council Packets (the information Council members get to prepare them for meetings):

Want to report a pothole? Streetlight outage? … Or, most anything else? Dial 311 and/or go to:

If it is videos you like, County Cable Montgomery has an array of programs ‘on-demand’:

All “Departments” can be reached from the main link:
“Education” and “Libraries” have their direct link from the main site. These two links provide an incredible wealth of information, including upcoming events at each library location.

And, of course: Our own Silver Spring Regional Center has its own link:

There is a lot more on this web-site… Browse around; spend time there… You will be amazed at what you will find!

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