Friday, April 15, 2011

Taste of the World in Fenton Village - SUNDAY MAY 15th

Have you heard about the Taste of the World in Fenton Village?... If you have, GREAT!... If not, here's a 'teaser' (much more info to follow soon.)

The Taste of the World in Fenton Village is the brainchild of the folks serving on the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board's Commercial and Economic Development Committee - The CED, for short.

The idea is simple: Get the word out that the culinary experiences to be found in Fenton Village are literally out of this world. Those of us that live near by have known of this 'secret' for quite sometime. But for others, the realization that there are tens of excellent restaurants just south of the downtown Silver Spring core is quite a revelation.

ON SUNDAY MAY 15th 3-5 p.m. over 20 area restaurants will open their doors for this fascinating 'experiment' in multi-ethnic eating experience... You'll be able to hop from eatery to eatery, taste a bit here and a bit there, mingle with friends and strangers, have fun at it, and walk away truly 'full-filled'.

Watch this - and other virtual and real places - for more info... For now,

Tell your neighbors, tell your friends, from near and far:


In the words of Jessica Fusillo, the Chair of the CED:

In tough economic times, need is definitely the mother of invention. As local services and supports are slashed due to large budget deficits – how do residents keep their communities vital? Several committees for the Silver Spring Citizen’s Advisory Board have done just that. The neighborhoods committee led by Casey Anderson has begun a tour of various neighborhoods to get to know their local history and the issues they still face. Tours of Lytonsville the historic black community in Silver Spring – had to fight to get running water and paved streets. As issues come up for neighborhoods committee members will have a better understanding of these communities

The Commercial Economic Development Committee has taken their mission to heart and created an event to help this lesser known area south of downtown Silver Spring. The first Taste the World in Fenton Village hopes to bring residents and visitors down to explore this eclectic area. Participants have the opportunity to move around Fenton Village and sample foods from over twenty restaurants. In hard economic times the event supports businesses through community events.

By taking an active role in these community events, the SSCAB is taking a more active role in shaping their community. Taste the World hopes to have participants get to know their community and create economic opportunities for their local businesses. It all leads creating a wider network of support. Engagement.

For more info and/or to volunteer, contact Jessica at

c/u there!

Reemberto Rodriguez, Director
Silver Spring Regional Center

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Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder why this was scheduled on the same day as Taste of Wheaton. Surely both events draw from the same neighborhoods. Did the CED just miss the mark on this event?

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