Sunday, May 20, 2012


The Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board (SSCAB) is occasionally asked to have representatives on other "boards, committees, and commissions" set up by County government to enhance the opportunities for community input in critical policy issues.  One of these 'b/c/c/' that has asked the SSCAB for representation is the County's Department of Permitting Services Advisory Committee.  We are fortunate to have an SSCAB member Susan Zusy ( representing us on this critical county-wide committee... The following is her 'guest blog' explaining why this is so important.

The Department of Permitting Services (DPS)  is responsible for building construction, land development authorization and enforcement of building codes, environmental laws and zoning laws. 

DPS is very interested - as are all County agencies - in receiving feedback from its customers and community members at large. However, since DPS customers are subject to DPS regulatory and enforcement authority, some may be reluctant to provide feedback on the Department’s performance.  The DPS Advisory Committee is set up to address this.  The Committee can and does provide constructive, candid and truthful feedback without disinclination.  The Advisory Committee includes a cross-section of interests affected by DPS including the business community, development community and civic interests. 

Over the last couple of years, the DPS Advisory Committee has advised DPS on issues as varied as:
  • ·         DPS Budget and DPS Permit Fees
  • ·         Memorandum of Understanding Identifying Lead Agencies on Development Projects
  • ·         Field Enforcement regarding renovations and infill development

Looking ahead, among the subjects the DPS Advisory Committee will be advising on include:   
  • ·         Streamlining Development Initiative
  • ·         Outreach Education Materials on Residential Infill Development
  • ·         Permitting and Code Enforcement Issues
  • ·         Providing Recycling Information to Contractors of Demolition Permits
  • ·         Code Enforcement Strategies. 

We encourage you to peruse the DPS website (permittingservices.montgomerycountymd.govfor information about the subject areas listed here as well as other DPS initiatives and services.  As the Department continues to evolve and the number of DPS consumers grows, please communicate with SSCAB regarding your permitting questions and concerns.  We represent you!

[TIMELY NOTE: Park & Planning will hold an information session on MONDAY MAY 21st on how accessory apartments should be zoned for (and subsequently permitted.) The session will be held at their headquarter on Georgia Ave & Spring Street at 3 and 7pm.]

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