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What is Taste the World in Fenton Village? Why is it happening? To what end? How can we maximize our experience?

Taste the World in Fenton Village is the brainchild of the amazing volunteers that have given of their time to serve on the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board and other people that live near Fenton Village, the area generally bounded by Georgia Avenue to the West; Fenton Street to the East; Wayne Avenue to the North; and Sligo Avenue to the South.

Those of us that live nearby know the area well. Its feel is definitively eclectic and different – and that is a good thing! The area hosts literally hundreds of businesses, many small, local and independently owned. The number of car-repair shops has been documented in one of our other blog postings. The presence of a diverse faith community in the area and its near vicinity is felt every Sunday on the streets and heard loudly inside the various houses of worship. This area has a rich history that contributes to the fabric of what is Silver Spring.

The area is a relatively small area, easily walkable, welcoming of drop-ins, and inviting to those passing by. The Taste the World in Fenton Village intends to affirm and celebrate what is there today. Today’s Fenton Village has one of the highest concentration of ethnic, independently owned restaurants to be found anywhere in the metro area. Approximately 25 of these restaurants will be participating in The Taste the World in Fenton Village celebration SUNDAY MAY 6th from 1-5pm.

 This is a ‘taste’ event with a twist. The restaurants will not come to you at a central location. Rather, you are invited to go to the restaurant, have a sampling of their offering at their location, then walk to the next restaurants, discovering the Fenton Village magic along the way… If you are looking for a good time to ‘be, spend, and enjoy local’, this is it!

The best way to ‘experience’ the celebration is to start at the parking lot located on Fenton Street, just north of Silver Spring Avenue (the block south of Safeway.) There you can pick up your ‘passport’ and enjoy the company of volunteers, as you are entertained before beginning your worldly culinary journey. Once you walk around and taste the offerings of some of the participating restaurants, you are invited to return to the starting point and submit your passport for one of various drawing of gifts contributed by area merchants.

Why do we do this ‘event’? Well, first of all, this is not an ‘event’; this is a ‘celebration’: An invitation to enjoy what is here now; to appreciate today’s Fenton Village… To partake of what makes Silver Spring great: the variety of choices for how we want to engage community…

Community does not only happen in the confines of meeting rooms. But rather, culture happens where community and commerce connect… It is at gatherings and celebrations like the Taste the World in Fenton Village that we ‘bump’ into friends, acquaintances, visitors and strangers that we would normally not bump into… These are the opportunities to spark that conversation about how we are building community, particularly with people that may not necessarily be as intensely involved in the traditional civic life as some of us might be… It is at these celebrations that – if we are intentional and deliberative – we can identify individuals that may not have been ‘involved’ in the past, but might just be interested in joining us as we ‘build a bigger table’ to continue in the process towards a more robust, vibrant, diverse, and inclusive Silver Spring.

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Awesome map of participating restaurants
 Another map (and more info on Silver Spring’s downtown)

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Jay Levy said...

Why is there no mention of Mandalay, one of the very best examples of a small, excellent place to eat? And nothing about Jackie's, the Quarry House or Thai Derm. How come? Jay Levy Takoma Park resident

Anonymous said...

Thai Derm and Jackie's are definitely participating...check out the map of the restaurants to see the locations of all restaurants. Mandalay is not usually open on Sundays, so the restaurant owners have not been interested both years the event has been organized.

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