Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Around the world in one (work day) in Silver Spring

It all started with a breakfast meeting at a Salvadoran diner on Piney Branch to discuss how to use sports to build a diverse community. Then it was time to go to the office in the Civic Building to continue developing a strategy to engage our growing Ethiopian storefront establishments – one of which served as the place for a lunch meeting with a civic activist that is bringing together African cultures to share in song.

Early afternoon tasks included calls with an African-American to discuss events in Silver Spring; an elder White civic leader to learn about the history of some of the lesser known areas in the Region; and, an Asian investor interested in having a major presence in the downtown area.

After a coffee break at the quintessential American coffee place on Ellsworth, it was time to get ready for back-to-back-to-back meetings and presentation. It is always invigorating to meet with young people, especially when they are pursuing dreams of what seems impossible to some. So, my meeting with a group of youth seeking to do a concert to raise awareness about the importance of registering to vote was certainly uplifting. I had to leave the meeting early in order to make it to the session on the Dream Act held at Montgomery College by the Governor’s Hispanic Commission.

Then it was on to Takoma Park for the screening of the amazing documentary “Three Stories From Galicia”, produced by a Ukrainian film-maker in cooperation with a Lebanese film-maker. The stories included one about the Jewish experience, another about the Ukrainian legacy of the area, and a third about a Polish priest and his passion for respecting all faiths.

On the way out of the event, someone was handing out postcards for another screening. The best I can gather that screening will be about lawnmower racing, something close and dear to me since my high-school friend from south Georgia (USA) is the world champ!

By 9pm it was time to come home for some excellent Cuban food… It’s raining tonight, so I have to skip the (Dominican) cigar...

…I wonder where in the world Silver Spring will take me tomorrow…

(I know where it will take me SUNDAY MAY 6Th: On that day [noon to five] we’ll be having our second annual “Taste The World in Fenton Village” to celebrate culinary worldly experiences right here in Silver Spring… Stay tuned for more details!)


Kate myers said...

So where did you go?

Anonymous said...

And you actually get paid to have fun!!!!

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