Thursday, April 5, 2012

Why do we do the (community) work we do, what drives us, what binds us?

There is no better time to reflect about these questions than the beginning of Spring; "out with the old, in with the new" and all that good stuff...

The folks that are regular readers of this blog know that the postings are truly eclectic and all over the map... Some postings are philosophical and deep, while others are whimsical and fun... (But wait! Can't something be philosophical, deep, whimsical, AND fun at the same time?... hmmm... Maybe some day we'll get there!)

Anyway: Rather than prepare a new posting to address the question at hand, below are references to a series of postings over the last couple of years that highlight a progression of thought on this topic... Interestingly, it starts with one of the earliest postings (done over two years ago) that approaches the broadest of questions (what ARE our common values?, and concludes with a recent posting with a very practical and pragmatic 'shout out' to "Get involved!"

I encourage you to (re?)visit these posting; leave comments; and pass on to others... enJoy!

[NOTE: The posting's title should be descriptive enough to indicated their content. They are all 'hyper-linked'.]

Silver Spring Common Values

How to Maximize Volunteer Assets

On Community Engagement

What Are Our Community's Assets?

Hi-Tech Hi-Touch

The Task at Hand: Connecting to Community

The (Imperfect) Table of Civic and Community Engagement

Community Leadership at Work: SSCAB's Committees

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Anthony said...

Thank you everyone who helps out in the light of get all of us envolved in taking care of our community and it's people. I hope we always care for one another. i hope to see you at all the musical events in Downtown Silver Spring Maryland. Peace and (RR) Rest and Relaxation.
Did I say good Music. Yess See you all soon and want to have a good time.
Thank you
Mr Tony Hinnant

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