Monday, June 21, 2010

3 Things You Really Ought To Know (about Silver Spring)

As some of you know, the Silver Spring Regional Center is going through some major restructuring. Part of this restructuring is welcoming two new staff to our team.

Gwen Haney will be managing the Civic Building and Veterans Plaza; and, Jewru Bandeh will be the Program Manager for the Regional Center. We will soon introduce these two wonderful individuals to the community and invite all to give them a warm welcome.

I would like to use this opportunity to begin a new list of “Things You Ought To Know About Silver Spring”.

Help us with this, please: If you had a few minutes with either of these two new staff and you were asked to share with them what they ought to know about Silver Spring as they begin their new job here in our mist, what would you say? What would be the ‘top three’ things that you would want to make sure Gwen and/or Jewru know about our community?

Be bold! Be daring! But please, most of all, be brief :-)

Please enter your ‘top three’ things as a ‘comment’ on this blog… (I also encourage you to become a follower of the blog so you get notices of others’ responses and re-enter the conversation.)


Anonymous said...

Mandalay is the best restaurant ever!

Anonymous said...

The Roundhouse theater on Colesville Rd. has started doing $10 tickets to their shows for people who live and work in SS!

Anonymous said...

There are 100 independent local businesses in Fenton Village, east of but not including Georgia Ave.

There are approximately 300 independent local businesses in the SS CBD.

Silver Spring: Then and Again said...

Silver Spring has a historical society. Our web site is and Silver Spring Historical Society President Jerry A. McCoy may be reached at or (301) 537-1253.

Casey A said...

A lot of people don't realize that the Capital Crescent Trail ends less than a mile from downtown Silver Spring -- you can use it to ride a bike or walk to Bethesda or even Georgetown without having to deal with motorized traffic.

Carol L said...

1. There are many excellent traditional music performers living within a mile or two of the new Civic Center.
2. There is both ethnic and socio-economic diversity in the local population.
3. Folks are proud to be Silver Spring residents.

Anonymous said...

Silver Spring is home to a thriving independent film community in addition to being the home of AFI and Discovery - production companies and amazing community media organizations like Docs In Progress and the Gandhi Brigade.

Anonymous said...

Where is Silver Spring? I recall an exercise in college (early 1980s) where we were sent out into Atlanta with blank sheets of paper to get people to sketch the boundaries of the city and their individual neighborhoods with familiar landmarks noted. I wonder what the results would be of a similar experiment in "Silver Spring."

Is Silver Spring more than Jerry McCoy's downtown domain? Does it include Four Corners and Burnt Mills? How far west can you drive before leaving Silver Spring? Does anyone have a photo sharing site they are willing to open up to conduct this experiment?

Dan Reed said...

According to the Census, Silver Spring is (see map) Rock Creek Park to the west, the Beltway and Four Corners to the north, the Prince George's County line and Takoma Park to the east, and the District line to the south.

My definition would have Rock Creek Park to the west, the District line to the south, the Prince George's County line and Takoma Park to the east, and whatever you want to the north. I live at Route 29 and Cherry Hill Road, and I'm proud to say I live in Silver Spring.

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