Wednesday, June 16, 2010

See Click Fix – Yet another cool tool

Have you checked out this amazing web-site?
It is a ‘user-driven’ tool to identify community stuff that needs fixing… Pot holes, broken lights, missing signs… whatever!

{Needless to say, this tool is but another tool in our community’s tool box… It is not intended to replace – but rather augment – existing systems to get things fixed.}

SeeClickFix is NOT a County – or government – initiative. It is a national social entrepreneur initiative. (Think along the lines of Face Book for activists.)

Check it out!... The Silver Spring Regional Center area has already been ‘mapped’. You can find it under:

Folks have already begun inputting requests – and getting things resolved. (You may want to check out the site’s FAQ to get a better sense of the details.)

I invite you to register on the site and begin using it… Let’s see where this takes us!

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