Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got Pixs? (Looking for a few good pictures)

In our efforts to continue supporting and reaffirming on-going and traditional - as well as innovative and experimental - activities to ‘create community’, the Silver Spring Regional Center is asking our residents, businesses, passerbys, and visitors (i.e. all our community members) to submit positive pictures of Silver Spring for consideration to be displayed on the monitor behind our Welcome Desk in the Civic Building.

Contributing pictures is easy. There are two ways:

1. Bring us a thumb drive with .jpg pictures (with a minimum of 50 pictures.) Just drop it off in an envelope addressed to Gwen Haney at our Welcome Desk in the Civic Building. (Make sure identify the organization/institution and the contact info on the envelope.)

2. Upload your pictures to our FlickR account at http://www.flickr.com/groups/silverspringregionalcenter/ Here you can upload one picture or 100. (Make sure you identify your name and/or organization/institution on the label of the picture.)

Who can contribute? Anyone. Civic associations, neighborhood groups, block groups, businesses, business groups, companies, corporations, non-profit, faith communities, affinity groups, individuals, families, visitors, guests… Anyone!

What kind of pictures are we looking for? Positive pictures. Pictures that capture ‘what IS Silver Spring’:

- First priority will be given to pictures that depict how we create community; how our community celebrates life; how our businesses thrive…

- Second priority will be given to pictures that highlight the beauty of our natural environment and our built environment…

- Third priority will be given to pictures of artifacts and elements found in Silver Spring – be innovative with this!

(If you are submitting a thumb drive, you may want to include a picture that identifies the organization submitting the picture and/or include a tag line in each picture.)

What kind of pictures are a no-nos? The obvious. Pictures that will not be shown include, but are not limited to, pictures with political connotations, obscenity, illegal activities, porn, etc… (Remember, we are trying to show off the positive aspects of our community.)

The fine print: This is purely an experiment at this time. Eventually, we’ll like to have a volunteer group make the determination of what is shown. (If you would like to take on this task, and are willing to pull a team of volunteers to help you, contact us.) In the meantime, the Silver Spring Regional Center will be doing the selection. We do not guarantee that your pictures will be shown. Our determination will be final.

That’s it!... We look forward to seeing your pictures!

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