Saturday, August 14, 2010

Space - The Next Frontier

Less than two weeks after the Civic Building and Veterans Plaza were opened (on Wednesday July 21st, 2010) a consortium of community groups held a gathering in the Great Hall to address the issue of space for community-serving organizations. Over 120 people attended.

The gathering was facilitated using an “open space” approach. Topics were decided up front by the participants. They were discussed in sub-groups. And then each group reported.

In any other community, that’d be the end of that… People would go in their merry way, grumbling that nothing got done; no decisions were taken; there’s no follow up… Not in Silver Spring!

Continuing to demonstrate the insatiable pursuit of innovative ways to ‘connect to community’, participants of the gathering committed to following through in tangible, results-oriented, practical ways. Of course, there’ll be a next (and a next and a next) gathering. But more importantly, a venue for instant dialogue, input, and conversation has been created.

A new blog has been seeded. THE BIG ACORN: The Seeds of Democracy in Silver Spring. It can be found at

This blog provides the opportunity for anyone to chime in on the many sub-topics identified in the gathering. It’s tag line reads:

“This page is a community conversation about public space in Silver Spring, Maryland. The primary emphasis is on the Silver Spring Town Center that embraces a Civic Building and an outdoor plaza. This conversation needs your voice. In the header are links to various parts of the site. The forums are divided into various threads by topics.”

I hope you will visit the blog and add your comments to this critical conversation.

And, don't forget to become a 'follower' of this blog to get future postings!

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