Friday, September 17, 2010

¡Festival de Cine Latino Americano en el AFI de Silver Spring!

Empezando el 21 de Septiembre, hasta el 13 de Octubre, el AFI de Silver Spring presentará una serie de películas del mundo Latino-Americano. Esta es una bella oportunidad de “visitar” la diversidad de culturas que se encuentra en este continente – y la península de Iberia en Europa – sin poner un pies en un avión.

Beginning September 21st and running through October 13th, the AFI in Silver Spring is presenting a series of Latin American films. This is a wonderful opportunity to ‘visit’ the diversity of the many cultures found in this continent – and the Iberian Peninsula – without setting foot in an airplane. For more info:

The only ‘problem’ with this Festival is deciding what not to see! Every single movie, documentary, and short being offered is of the highest quality and worthy of viewing.

This is not just about the movies… This is about cultural enrichment; about community engagement; about economic development

Movies reflect cultures; cultures reflect movies: Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Regardless, viewing the films will really expand our understanding and appreciation of our neighbors to the south (and immediate east – though they are across the Atlantic.)

Movies offers us an opportunity to create community: Come early and chat in anticipation. Hang out afterwards to discuss the philosophical deep meaning of that particular scene (knowing full well that the director was just trying to make you laugh or cry.)… [NOTE: On Thursdays and Fridays AFI offers ‘happy hours’ prior to the showing. See web link for details.]

Movies help the economy: Why not stroll downtown Silver Spring before coming to the movies? Great shopping, people watching, and just plain fun… And afterwards, why not grab a bite in one of the many, many, many fantastic restaurants and eateries?... (And maybe even stay late to catch that band playing down the street or around the block?)

GRACIAS AFI for pulling together such a fantastico program of excelente movies!

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