Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So Much To Do - So Little Time!

Summer is over. Fall is in the air. Silver Spring is buzzing with activity – and our Civic Building and Veterans Plaza is increasingly becoming the ‘center of it all’.

When is a civic building more than just a government building? When it is a public asset used to build community and spark economic activity.

If you have not been by the area lately, it is a scene truly worth checking out…

The Civic Building is doing its civic duty by being an early voting site (through Thursday, September 9th.) What an appropriate role for this facility! (The building as a backdrop to the numerous campaign signs makes for quite a visual message.)

This Saturday coming Saturday is our annual Jazz Festival. Featured headliner: Aaron Neville and his Quintet featuring Charles Neville. Included among our other performers, Silver Spring’s own superstar jazz pianist Marcus Johnson, as well as Chopteeth Afrofunk Big Band, Rumba Club, and vocalist Janine Carter… It all starts at 3:30 p.m… More info at:

Coming later this month in your Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza – with more info to follow – are major events such as: A Kojo Nnambi Town Hall; a Pan-African Celebration; a small business & entrepreneurship lending workshop; and much more!... Stay tuned...

But, the Silver Spring Civic Building and Veterans Plaza does not exist in a vacuum.

Our neighboring partners and institutions have an array of activities well worth checking out as well:

Chill out on Sunday, September 12th, at our neighbor’s own festival, the Takoma Park Folk Festival, at Takoma Park Middle School from 11 – 6:30… More info at:

See what’s coming to our still-very-new Performing Arts Center at the Takoma Park / Silver Spring Montgomery College Campus… “Endless Possibilities”!... (Hint: Talk on slavery; “Pistolero” Latin Folk)… Check it out at:

If it is film you like, the American Film Institute is doing its annual Latin American Film Festival later this month (and into October)… See:

And as always, Downtown Silver Spring continues its tradition of having something going on almost every weekend. Check out its offerings at:

There are many other worthy events I’ve probably left out… Please comment on your favorites by leaving a post

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Anonymous said...

Have any of the rooms in the civic center been put aside for use as a volunteer ESL or citizenship course location? I currently volunteer teach ESL in NW DC, but would much rather do it closer to home. I can't think of a better location in downtown Silver Spring than the civic center for something like this. Just curious to see if any nonprofits have reached out, of perhaps the county could do so.

ForestGlen said...

Any one else think the Civic Center is boring now that the skaterboarders have been kicked out? Bad move, Reemberto.

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