Tuesday, June 19, 2012


We could get philosophical and have a lengthy discourse on the merits of getting involved in our community, how to make change happen, and the academic discussion of why this matters.

Instead, we offer here some practical, pragmatic examples of real-time opportunities to get involved, to make a difference, to be part of authentic dialogues, and to impact our community at the most basic of levels, the “hyper-local.”  What is amazing is that all these opportunities occur within the span of less than one week: From tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 20th) through Monday, June 25th.)

Do you care about safety in your neighborhood?
  • Then join your neighbors on the regular monthly meeting of Safe Silver Spring, to be held Wednesday at the Long Branch Library at 7pm.
Have you visited downtown Silver Spring lately?
  • Then you may want to consider plugging in to the Silver Spring Urban District Advisory Committee meeting, Thursday at 3:30pm.
Care about development, zoning, or transit?
  • Then you need to follow the Park & Planning Board Meeting this Thursday, when they will be considering the site plan for the Falkland North development, the proposed Zoning Text Amendment for accessory apartments, and the Countywide Transit Corridor Functional Plan.
Do you live in the Linden Neighborhood and want to know what is going on with the Georgia Avenue project?
  • Then attend the Neighborhood Association meeting on Thursday night (7pm) where this topic will be on the agenda.
Have you considered expressing your opinion on immigration – and how this issue manifests itself in your community?
  • Then join the County’s Human Rights Commission – and voice your opinion - as they seek community input regarding the critical issue of immigration.
Do you live in Long Branch and need to understand how the long range plans affect the short term options for entrepreneurship and businesses?
  • Then stop by Rolling Terrace School on Monday night at 7pm to see how the “Sector Plan” for Long Branch is coming along.
Have you visited Fenton Village and the wonderful restaurants there lately?

  • Then you certainly want to join the brief Commercial Economic Development Committee of the Citizens Advisory Board on Monday night as they discuss how to follow up on that amazing event, plus review major developments that are being proposed, and dialogue about working with the Arts & Entertainment Advisory Committee.

Do you want to interact with your Citizens Advisory Board and share your thoughts on any particular issue in Silver Spring?
  • Then join the Silver Spring Citizens Advisory Board as they convene at Adega on Monday night (approximately at 7:30, after the Human Rights Commission agenda item on immigration.)
More information – and some links – to the above can be found in our regular e-blast HERE… 
If you’d like to be added to that e-blast, e-mail me at Reemberto.Rodriguez@MontgomeryCountyMD.Gov 

Obviously it is impossible for any one community member to attend every one of these civic engagement opportunities within the short span of one week. However, if you belong to a neighborhood association, a faith community, an issue group, or have your own extensive network of friends, foes, and acquaintances, we ask that you help us get the word out about these great opportunities to connect to community. And, if you do come to one (or a couple of these) please consider asking your neighbor, your peer, your family, or anyone else you might know, to join you in the journey to make Silver Spring even a better place to live.

With all the ‘hi-tech’ toys available to stay connected electronically, research an issue, and express yourself virtually, nothing can replace the good old fashion ‘hi-touch’, face-to-face, look-into-your-eyes way of engaging others in matters of what is important to you.

So, look over the list above again… Think about it… Choose one or two that most appeal to you… And, come by ready to participate!... Your idea, your comment, your input might just be the ‘aha’ we need to move forward constructively to address and/or move towards resolution of one of these ‘issues that matter in our community’.

c/u there!

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