Friday, May 6, 2016

Learn How to Develop Buildings You Care About in Silver Spring, May 13-14

This is the first time such an offering is made in Silver Spring. It highlights our Area's continuing welcoming environment for entrepreneurship.

Guest Blog By Emily Brown

Learn How to Develop Buildings You Care About in Silver Spring, May 13-14

In Silver Spring, the demand for walkable residential properties in the area is intense; as pointed out in a recent blog post, from the middle of the last decade through the middle or end of this one, Silver Spring will have added in the proximity of 5,000 residential units throughout the downtown area.

On May 13-14, the Incremental Development Alliance, a national non-profit, will be holding a Small Scale Developer Bootcamp, designed to teach would-be small real estate developers the basics of small residential and mixed-use projects. This event is co-sponsored by CNU DC, and focuses on how an incremental approach to building cities makes communities stronger and creates more wealth for citizens.

While large development project are essential for meeting the residential and retail needs, small developments also play a key role in the evolution of place.  The advantages of disseminating knowledge on details of the development process include locals owning property, which in turn encourages community engagement and increased participation in the economic and civic sphere. For example, the development of small retail allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to move into spaces at oftentimes less rent found in some larger new projects.

Silver Spring is a market that is ripe for small projects. The demand is here, and so is the need to preserve a neighborhood environment that encourages small business development and local engagement. 

If you’ve ever wondered why that lot on the corner couldn’t be a coffee shop, or had an idea about how to fill a gap on a commercial strip, you may want to consider attending this event. (NOTE: THERE IS A FEE FOR THIS EVENT.)

The Small Scale Development Bootcamp  kicks off with a Happy Hour at Fire House 1 on Friday May 13 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, with an all day training the next day, Saturday May 14, from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm. It will be taught by experienced developers, John Anderson and Michael Lander. Participants will learn technical skills and resources to navigate development financing, zoning and entitlement, site selection and building design in order assemble your own small scale real estate deal. The workshop will also address issues surrounding becoming a developer, risk management, quality of life and basic business setup and contracting methods.

WHAT: Small Developer Bootcamp
WHEN: Friday, May 13, and  Saturday May 14, 2016
WHERE: Fire Station 1 and Montgomery County Planning Department Building  
(8787 Georgia Ave Silver Spring, MD 20910)