Tuesday, October 25, 2016

#EVERYVOTEMATTERS Our Daily Tip to Get Out the Vote



OCTOBER 19 - Monday

Engage the wait staff at Waffle House - or the McDonald’s drive through - and remind them to vote vote vote. They will appreciate a fellow citizen recognizing their dignity and worth… And your encouragement may be just what they need for them to vote vote vote.

OCTOBER 20 - Tuesday

Vote early! Polls are open for early voting in many States. Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Don’t despair. Vote vote vote. https://www.vote.org/early-voting-calendar/

OCTOBER 21 - Wednesday

Focus your energy on the possible. Beware of wasting your precious time, energy, or thoughts on those who you know will not change their minds. Reach out instead to those who simply need encouragement to get to the polls and vote vote vote.

OCTOBER 22 - Thursday

Sharing your enthusiasm for voting is the most effective way to encourage others to do the same. Stay positive. Affirm this greatest of civic duties. Talk it up. Show up!

OCTOBER 23 - Friday

Remind your female friends that there was a time not too long ago when they could not vote. Don’t squander this ‘right’! Others fought - and died! - so you could vote. We owe it to our ancestors to vote vote vote.

OCTOBER 24 - Saturday

Remind your friends (and yourself!) that this election is much more than the Presidential race. There are MANY local races (and referenda) to learn about, care for, and vote vote vote. Simply Google “sample ballot”, enter your address, and you will see your local ballot.

OCTOBER 25 - Sunday

When you door knock, post on social media, and talk with discouraged friends: Beware. Be VERY AWARE. Many are going to great length to convince you to NOT vote. No matter: Encourage other to Vote, vote, vote!

OCTOBER 26 - Monday

Do the obvious. Offer to take your parents, your adult children, your old aunt, your scrooge uncle - your own family members! - to the polls. Don’t let it be that they don’t vote because you never insisted! The family that votes together stays together.

OCTOBER 27 - Tuesday

Pray. Yes, pray. Pray that we - and each person we encourage to vote - find it in us to be above the fray; to understand that all of this is for much more than the craziness of the moment; that we each - individually - can make a difference. Pray on. And vote vote vote!

OCTOBER 28 - Wednesday

Stay positive. Impossible? No! Not if you emphasize the beauty, wonders, and magnificence of what is the U.S. of A - and its people. A people that are good and gracious; thoughtful and thankful…And yes, challenged, broken, and dysfunctional - far from perfect. Yet, vote we must. Because. Because it is the right thing to do. Vote vote vote.

OCTOBER 29 - Thursday

Impress upon everyone you run across today how preciously individual we each are. Sure, we are millions. But, those millions are made up of ones. We each are one. Each ONE matters. Vote vote vote.

OCTOBER 30 - Friday

#EVERYVOTEMATTERS  Our Daily Tip to Get Out the Vote: Have fun. No one likes a grouch. Authentically enJoy talking up the responsibility to vote. Not only is it the right thing to do, it is also connects us with millions of other Americans. It is our most prolific common ritual. And it should feel good. No need to “hold your nose”; be proud to vote vote vote. !Vote mi gente!

OCTOBER 31 - Saturday

Don't vote. Don’t complain…. So vote vote vote!

NOVEMBER 1 - Sunday

#EVERYVOTEMATTERS  Our Daily Tip to Get Out the Vote: For those who are faith-based, you probably heard reference to the importance of voting preached from the pulpit today. If not - and even if you did, here’s an inspiration.

NOVEMBER 2 - Monday

 The one question you will get the most today is: WHERE do I vote? There is a SIMPLE answer! “Just GOOGLE it!” www.google.com Just enter your address and walla! - Up comes your voting place. NO EXCUSE not to vote vote vote!

NOVEMBER 3 - Tuesday

Only one thing to do today: 


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