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Welcome to this journey!

Our Silver Spring Region is generally bounded by Rock Creek to the West, Prince George County to the East, Washington D.C. to the South, and the Beltway to the North, wrapping around the Four Corners neighborhoods.

I am challenging myself to walk most all streets in this Region. To accomplish this, I've divided the Region in 8 similarly sized quadrants and walked through and /or around all of them. I've now begun going back to each quadrant and trying to walk most streets. This will take at least 3 walks per quadrant, each of approximately 4-6 miles.

I am using the app MapMyWalk and will try to add links to each route indicated within each quadrant. I will also add occasional thoughts and observations.

The first observation is that our Region has so much to see when you walk! The diversity of housing type, street ambiance, trails, and commercial areas is truly amazing... Maybe someday in the future I will go back and add pictures. But for now, let's walk!


[1] The Bethesda Magazine did an article on this adventure. You can find it at:

[2] A Blair High School student also did a short video highlighting the walks. You can find it at:

If during your walks you are looking for a bench, there's an app for that! A map showing benches throughout the County is now live.


NOTE: This journey was started late July. By late October, most streets were covered with a walk - except those in downtown, which are customarily walked for other pleasurable purposes.



QUADRANT 1 (four routes)

QUADRANT 2 (three routes)

QUADRANT 3 (two routes)

QUADRANT 4 (three routes)

QUADRANT 5 (four routes, plus an extra one)

QUADRANT 6 (four routes)

QUADRANT 7 (five routes)

QUADRANT 8 (four routes)

COMPOSITE OF ALL WALKS (Except downtown)

This topic has been on my mind a long, long time. In today's world emphasizing pedestrian safety is a must. For some historical fun, look at some past blog postings on this topic:

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